Vmobile Do's and Dont's - Security Purposes

It has been always a must to all vmobile users to protect their account from stealing. You might lose everything you have work for if someone would steal your vmobile password.

The worse is if other people would know your password they can just easily transfer everything you have inside your wallet to their account or to load their sim.

Now I know that you dont want it to happen on you.

Here are some do's and dont's in using your vmobile.


Vmobile Product Guide and Product List 2013

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To serve as your guide in your Vmobile business I posted here the Guide and  Product list of all Vmobile LoadXtrme products.

Here are the list of Product and the Product guide of Vmobile LoadXtreme:


Package Included in Vmobile Technoprenuer with myLife Pro

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Package Included in Vmobile Technoprenuer.

Technopreneur (Dealer) Package – P3988.00 only
  1. 1 Technopreneur (Dealer) Access Card plus 20 TechnoUser (Retailer) Access Card
  2. LoadXtreme Online Web Account For Your E-Loading Business
  3. myLX Online Web Account For The Franchise Partnership Program
  4. FREE Tarpaulin, Brochures, Flyer, User Guide
 Investment: Php 3,988.


Load wallet replenishment via METROBANK and UCPB

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This was the latest updates of Vmobile for their members. You can now replenish your wallet via Metrobank and UPCB.

How to process you payment: VMobile announcement


VMobile M-Powered TU Packs Circular


VMobile releases new M-Powered TU Packs. Read the official Circular! Click here